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Review on: Factors Affecting Rural-Urban Poverty in Ethiopia

Agriculture is the backbone of Ethiopian Economy and agricultural production is the source of livelihood for millions of Ethiopians, especially for those in rural areas. Different factors are likely affecting the economic status of rural population of Ethiopia. Specifically, six major factors that are highlighted as contributing to the exasperation of poverty in Ethiopia include: low agricultural production, low non-farm income, low education and poor health, high population growth and weak institutional structures. Poverty is widespread in Ethiopia with a significant proportion of the population lacking the basic necessities of life, such as lack of food, decent clothing, and shelter. In addition, climatic factors, health status of the community, environmental degradation, technological adoption, farming system, and farm size, land degradation, population growth, inappropriate water management, unemployment and lack of income, weak urban governance, low access to education, low access to credit services, and so on, this are the factors that affect rural-urban poverties in Ethiopia. Different authors are used different models like binary logistic regression, variance and multiple regressions, probit regression model. And the model results showed that household education status, dependency ratio, residential area, and access to credit, household size, livestock and farm land ownership, sex of households, age of household head, and land size. Generally, the risk of poverty increases with family size both in urban and rural of Ethiopia.

Poverty, Farm Size, Population Growth, Income, Education, Technology

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Shibeshi Fekadu Tolesa, Gizaw Fetene Zeleke. (2023). Review on: Factors Affecting Rural-Urban Poverty in Ethiopia. Journal of Business and Economic Development, 8(4), 108-112.

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Shibeshi Fekadu Tolesa; Gizaw Fetene Zeleke. Review on: Factors Affecting Rural-Urban Poverty in Ethiopia. J. Bus. Econ. Dev. 2023, 8(4), 108-112. doi: 10.11648/j.jbed.20230804.11

AMA Style

Shibeshi Fekadu Tolesa, Gizaw Fetene Zeleke. Review on: Factors Affecting Rural-Urban Poverty in Ethiopia. J Bus Econ Dev. 2023;8(4):108-112. doi: 10.11648/j.jbed.20230804.11

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