Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2020, Page: 21-25
Research of Financial Support for Agricultural Development
Sun Yan, School of Economics and Management, Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University, Daqing, China
Received: Jan. 15, 2020;       Accepted: Jan. 27, 2020;       Published: Feb. 12, 2020
DOI: 10.11648/j.jbed.20200501.13      View  75      Downloads  40
Agriculture is an important industry that affects the national economy and people's livelihood. It is also an important guarantee for supporting the development of industry and service industry, and plays a fundamental role in the entire national economy. With the development of science and technology since the new century, the various policies issued by the state to benefit farmers and strong farmers have played a role in promoting agricultural development and increasing farmers' income. However, with the development of the economy, the improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of environmental awareness, the focus of agricultural development has begun to change, focusing on the adjustment of agricultural structure, ecological recycling agriculture and agricultural tourism. The development of agriculture is inseparable from the strong support of finance. In particular, rural financial institutions should make serving agriculture their starting point and foothold, and allocate more resources to the key areas and weak areas of agriculture in order to offer good service to agricultural development and make sustainable development for themselves. Therefore, this paper starts from the current key areas of agricultural development, explores the path of agricultural financial service, and provides financial support for key areas of agricultural development, with a view to assisting agricultural development.
Financial Institutions, Financial Innovation, Agricultural Development, Government
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